Nut Roast Recipes

Nut Roast Recipes

Nut roasts have long been known as a vegetarian alternative to meat, usually served at Christmas time. Nut roasts are also often referred to as vegetarian meatloaves, and they tend to contain a mixture of nuts, vegetables, breadcrumbs and herbs. Although the recipes below tend to call for a certain type of nut, you can substitute the nuts in the recipe for any that you have in the cupboard.

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About Nut Roasts:

Nut roasts tend to have a reputation as being a boring main course, but the recipes above prove that they're anything but. You really can use your imagination with nut roasts as they can be flavoured with just about anything you have in the house - fresh herbs, dry herbs, paprika, truffle, mushrooms - anything!

You're also not limited on what sort of vegetables you can put in a nut roast - most roasts start with some fried onion and garlic as a base, although other recipes call for celery, carrots or spinach. You can also add the cheese of your choice to the nut roast to give it a different texture and flavour - why not try a smoked cheddar cheese?

The aubergine nut roast recipe above calls for aubergine slices to be wrapped around the nut roast. You can extend this idea further - try using spinach leaves, roasted red peppers or even Parma ham if you're not serving the roast to a vegetarian. For more inspiration, take a look at the recipes above.

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